Rainbow Pirates

Rainbow Pirates

Pressman Toys

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Rainbow Pirates is a whimsical, family friendly card game. It is a game of piracy, explosions and rainbows. Build rummy-like card sequences and sets (3+ of a kind) in a world of Rainbows, thieving pirates and all things amazing. Dont let your opponent attack you with a Pirate Card. Block those cards by using your Me Time, Cupcakes, Glitter Rain and Bubble Paths cards or you will have to face the consequences. This game is creative and is a hit with all age groups. Game comes with 120 funny watercolor playing cards, instruction sheet, storage box and learn how to play with a simple automated 10-minute video. 2-5 Players. Ages 7 and up. Playing time is about 30 minutes.

For Ages: 7+

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