Magicube Maths Building Set - 61 Piece

Magicube Maths Building Set - 61 Piece


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Magicube Math Building 61 Piece set by Geomag is a fun way to introduce little ones to magnetic construction, and STEM learning.

With the 16 magnetic cubes, young kids can mix, match, and build endless math-learning possibilities while having lots of fun!

There are 16 colourful cubes that are uniquely designed to connect to any of the other cubes via the magnets encapsulated in the cube from all sides without repelling from any other side.

And the 45 magnetic math tiles can attach to any side of any cube to build all kinds of math problems to solve using the symbols plus, minus, equal, greater than, and less than. 

Stack and arrange cubes and tiles to build cross-word-like math-problem structures

The Geomag Magicube Math Building 61 piece set is fully compatible with all other Geomag Magicubes and they are made in Switzerland of high-quality materials made to last. 

Child Development Skills:

Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, math learning, problem-solving

Suitable from 3 to 8 Years 

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