Magicube Blister Pack Savanna Animals

Magicube Blister Pack Savanna Animals SALE


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This set which contains three cubes will enable children to discover the world of Magicube. The characters are depicted vertically on all the faces. From the lion to the ostrich: the kingdom of the savanna comes to life through the magnetic cubes. Geomag Magicube is a construction platform, created by Geomag, the leading company in magnetic toys. Geomag has reinvented the construction toy by using cubes, making it incredibly good fun and above all magical! Indeed, the cubes can be attached to each other on any side. So they can even stay suspended! So the constructions will be amazing but also easy for everybody, even the youngest children, to build. The Magicube People line comprises the three cube sets of Animals, Sport and Jobs. The fun continues with the two Mix and Match sets of six and nine cubes. Using your creativity, you will be able to increase the combinations to bring endless figures to life. Magicubes are produced entirely in Switzerland, using completely safe materials, to allow children to play in complete freedom, and their parents to relax and enjoy their little ones’ first moments of fun and learning. The company that invented the magnetic construction toy has succeeded, once again, using its own truly unique experience in the field of magnetism, in producing an innovative toy.

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