Fingerprint Doodles

Fingerprint Doodles

Spice Box

SKU: F1234

You don't need to be an awesome artist to create these cool, one-of-a-kind thumbprint doodles! This Fingerprint Doodle kit is a great way to inspire imagination and creativity in everyone! With this simple-to-follow instruction book, you can learn how to draw cute doodles using only your fingerprints, thumbprints and a marker! It's easy, it's fun and, with your imagination, you can make loads of characters, animals and even cartoons or funny scenes on your doodle pad. Lets get ready for some stamping and doodling fun!


  • 1 Instruction book
  • 1 Drawing pad
  • 12 Ink pads in assorted colors
  • 1 Large black ink pad
  • 6 Mini felt markers

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