MEGA™ Barbie® DreamHouse™

MEGA™ Barbie® DreamHouse™



MEGA™ Barbie® Color Reveal™ building toys deliver the ultimate unboxing experience that's full of magical surprises waiting to be revealed. Start the reveal experience by finding all 7 surprise bags. Inside you'll find 25+ surprises including 5 Color Reveal™ micro-dolls and 6 animals. Fill the heart-shaped pool with warm water, place the micro-dolls inside and swirl them around to reveal their look. Then, dip the sponge in icy water to transform their appearance – use warm water to change it back and do it all over again. Place the remaining mystery items in the warm water to reveal more surprises. Build the house of your dreams with 8 modular areas including a bedroom, kitchen, party room, living room, bathroom, pool, elevator and convertible. Then, connect them together to build a 3-story home with features like a working elevator, pool with slide and puppy slide, furniture and more. You can even reconfigure the DreamHouse™ for more ways to play!

Building set comes with 5 Barbie® Color Reveal™ micro-dolls, 6 animals, 1 heart-shaped container that doubles as a pool, 563 bricks and special pieces including home, food and fashion accessories.

DreamHouse™ features 8 modular areas that connect to build a 3-story home with 10 areas of indoor and outdoor play, including a buildable working elevator, a pool with slides, furniture, convertible and much more.

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