STMT DIY Geode Canvas

STMT DIY Geode Canvas


SKU: 214551

With the STMT™ D.I.Y. Geode Canvas set, you can elevate any space with contemporary wall art — inspired by the beauty in nature, designed by you! Using metallic paints, liquid resin, crushed tempera glass, glitter, and a few mixing sticks, you'll transform the blank, hexagonal canvas into a vibrant, geode-inspired work of art. Find a cozy space in a well-lit area where you can disconnect from the outside world and connect to the art you’re creating — decide which areas of your canvas you’d like to paint and add the glass chips. Put paintbrush to canvas — add sweeps of metallic pink, dashes of teal hues, and crisp white details.

Don’t be afraid to let your colors blend, the most beautiful geodes in nature are known for their unique patterns and color combinations — make your art extra realistic by mixing paint colors! After painting your patterns, you’ll use them as a guide for your liquid resin — pour the resin onto the canvas, matching the colors to the areas you’ve already painted. Then, sprinkle on the glass chips to create an geode-inspired texture — sealed by a clear top coat of resin. When your canvas dries, put display it wherever you please — prop it on a bookshelf or hang it on a wall! The STMT D.I.Y. Geode Canvas Set is perfect for any aspiring artist ages 14 & up.

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