Boogie Board Jot Kids - Lil Programmer

Boogie Board Jot Kids - Lil Programmer

Boogie Board

SKU: J3KP60001

With an 8.5" writing screen, fun colors and a kid-friendly protective cover, the Jot Kids reusable writing tablet is perfect for kids’ games, handwriting practice or drawing!

The limited edition Lil’ Helpers collection inspires kids to explore fun hobbies around the house! Does your child have an interest in inventions, sketching designs, or hands-on projects? Lil’ Builder is great for little ones who like to put things together, take things apart, and understand how it all works!

Kids can write with anything, including the stylus or even their fingernail. With the push of a button, the Jot Kids instantly clears itself. There are no erase marks or wiping needed.

The bright, durable display and integrated kickstand feature, as well as magnets, makes this a great writing tablet for all your kids’ projects. The protective cover can be used to protect your kids’ creations when they take their Jot Kids writing tablet on the go or can be popped onto the back for easy use

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