Bubiloons Lil Pops Blind Figures

Bubiloons Lil Pops Blind Figures

License to Play

SKU: 86005

Bubiloons Lil Pops are super cute mini animals! Separate the base, pull the stick, blow & watch the vessel open to reveal the cotton candy where your surprise tiny animal Lil Pop is hidden!

Unravel the pretend cotton candy to reveal your Lil Pop character! Squeeze your Lil Pops and watch as their eyes pop out! There are 12+ to collect!

  • UNBOX: Pop out the straw and blow! Watch the fluffy cotton candy material pop out, hidden inside is your Lil Pop character.
  • SURPRISE: Give your Lil Pops a squeeze and watch their eyes pop out!
  • REVEAL: Unravel the soft fluffy cotton candy material to discover your Lil Pops character.
  • COLLECT: 12+ Lil Pops to collect! There is a rare and a super rare character to collect!

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